GPS Coodinates

These are degrees, minutes seconds and you should be able to copy/paste into a google search
Copy just the part starting with capital N ie.. N46 32 17,W115 57 08

Central Grade Gravel Pit: N46 26 07, W116 56 46
Waha Parking Lot: N46 12 32,  W116 49 51
Mann's Lake: N46 22 09, W116 51 33
Mason Butte turnoff east of Southwick: N46 36 00, W116 26 7
Y past Mason Butte turnoff: N46 36 47, W116 23 32
Cottonwood CG/Clark Mtn: N46 35 09, W115 33 09
Musselshell WC: N46 21 23, W115 44 38
Horse Camp on Palouse: N46 57 26, W116 34 30
Camp Grizzly on Palouse: N46 56 51, W116 39 58
Camp 60: N46 41 56, W115 37 48
Whitebird Mill Site N45 44 22, W116 19 20
Big Canyon Trail Head N45 38 22, W116 19 20
Cow Creek Turn off N46 32 17, W115 57 08
Little Boulder Campground N46 46 18, W116 27 28
Gold Hill (Water Hole) Parking N46 58 06, W116 50 59
Neva Hill Parking N46 47 55, W116 17 52
Tippet Ranch N45 1 50, W117 0 40
Parking up Asotin Creek N46 19.658, W117 12.331

For those with Smartphones and iphones, you can install a free Avenza pdf maps app and download Forest Service MVUM maps free to your device. Information on the Clearwater and Nezperce National Forest can be found at

Once you have Avenza on your mobile device, use your device to download the maps at while running the app select 'Get Maps' or select "Store" and search for "Nez Perce National Forest Visitor Map" for West and East side maps or “Clearwater National Forest Visitor Map” for West and East side maps.  For Clearwater NF Motor Vehicle Use Maps, search for “Clearwater MVUM” to download MVUMs for Palouse, Lochsa, Powell, and North Fork Ranger Districts.  
PLEASE NOTE:  Nez Perce NF MVUMs are not available yet.

Pdf maps work via GPS signalling and don't rely on cell signal once downloaded.
 *NOTE: You have to have GPS signalling turn on for them to work.

With the app and maps installed on your mobile device, you will be able to:
View your location on the PDF maps using the built-in GPS device 
Measure distances and areas
Plot waypoints 
View maps offline

Here's an example:

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