Lewis-Clark ATV Club Rides/Information/Maps

Next regular meeting is August 15.  Next Ride Meeting is August 8. 

No rides scheduled until next ride meeting.  Let us know if you have a ride you would like to lead and we can add it to the schedule. 

Rides may be cancelled or changed.  Continue to check this website for the latest.

**Ride planning, 2nd Tuesday of the month, at Rusty's in N. Lewiston**

If other rides come up, we'll drop you a line.

GPS Coordinates for ride start locations can be found on link above or http://www.lewisclarkatv.org/GPS_Coodinates.html

 If you have rides you'd like to do this season, let Jim, Wally, DeeDee, or Howard know.

If you have something to sell, drop me a line, jmciver@lmtribune.com

Anybody looking for a double ATV trailer, can call George at (208) 310-9056. George has poured on a surface that is also used for running tracks, so there's lots of traction.

Over looking the Snake River

Early spring ride to Kirkwood
The crew installing signs on the Palouse OHV area.
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